Pierce Area Recreational Soccer
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Ouch (Dribbling, Passing, Striking the ball)
Organization: Each player has a ball. The coach moves about the field with the players. Each player dribbles with their ball and tries to hit the coach with the ball. Whenever the coach gets hit he/she yells “ouch”. The player that causes the most ouches wins the game.
Coaching takes a lot of time and planning. Here are some ideas on how to get started or liven up your practices. There are many drills that can be used during a practice, we have listed only a few here. These drills are from the Nebraska State Soccer Coaching Packet. Please visit www.nebraskastatesoccer.org for more ideas.
Bingo (Dribbling, Passing)
Organization: A number of cones are distributed throughout the training area. One player and the coach are the “replacers.” Each player has a ball. The players with the balls try to knock down as many cones as possible with their balls. The “replacers” (all players take turns in this role) set up the cones as fast as they are knocked down. When a player knocks down a cone they yell bingo. The player who scores the most bingos wins the game.
U6 Practice Drills
U8 Practice Drills
Character Game (Dribbling, Passing, Striking the Ball)
Organization: Two teams of equal numbers stand at either side of a goal. Give each player a character name and make sure there is a matching character on the other side. The coach places two balls in the playing area and then calls out a character. The two players run around the cones into the playing area and the first one to score wins one point. Progression: Place one ball in the training area and create a 1v1 situation.
Moving Goal (Passing)
Organization: Divide players into two equal teams. Two coaches or parents hold a practice vest between them forming a goal. The players must then try to kick their ball through the goal (any side) while the goal is moving around. Both teams score into the same goal.
U10 Practice Drills
1v1 Dribbling to Multi Goals
Organization: Players in groups of 2 with one ball per group. Create a circle of goals around the players. Attackers try to beat defenders and score in any of the goals. Goals can only be scored form the inside of the circle outwards and never in the back of the goal. If a player scores they must then attack another goal. The same goal cannot be attacked twice in succession. If the defender wins the ball they become the attacker. Play for 60 second and whoever scores the most goals wins.
Organization: Three teams of 3 players plus a GK. Game is played to one goal. The coach has a number of balls ready to play in. Each team of three picks a country name. When team scores they run of the field and yell their country name. The first team to score gets a gold medal. The remaining two teams play for silver and bronze. Play five or six times and see who is at the top of the medal table.
Four Goal Game
Organization: 5 v5 in a 40 x 30 training area. Players defend and attack two goals. Coaching Points: Decision making, speed of play, creativity, willingness to challenge players 1 v1, combination play.
Get Outta Here
Organization: 30 x 20 training area. Divide players into two equal teams. Each team stands to the right and left of the coach outside the field. The Coach has all of the balls. Each team sends two players out at a time. Two small goals are on each end. Coach plays ball in. Whichever team scores stays. If the ball goes out of bounds, they are both out of there and two players from each team step on. If a team has too many players on the field when the coach plays in a new ball, then it is a penalty kick.
U12 Practice Drill